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This is a short review about applications that are available for Android. I will be typing about communicative applications and hopefully I’ll include a good enough argument for people to switch and pick applications for communicating with others. We’ll review more applications like LINE, WhatsApp, and more.

 This page will be part of a series of comms apps that I will be reviewing and at the end of the review, I’ll be giving judgement on which application is best to use and for what purpose.

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KaKaoTalk is an application that is being used by “82 million people” around the world. I believe that the majority of that 82 million comes from South Korea, so it’s likely if you are going to live in Korea, KaKaoTalk will likely be the first choice app for South Koreans and probably you, too.


  • It’s free to download
  • Messaging ability to others
  • A free call function. You can call others with this application if you have a 3G or WiFi connection. This obviously means that others will also need KaKaoTalk on their phones and will have to add you their “friends list”.
  • You can download free and premium themes to customize the look of the application.
  • You can change the background for each “chat room” that you have.
  • You can create group chats, to talk to more than one person.


  • Not many people outside of South Korea use KaKaoTalk. While it’s a nice app, unfortunately, not too many people use it in the west and Asia. It’s more of a local app for South Koreans to communicate. 
  • It doesn’t have a computer application, yet. So, you can’t run this app on your computer.
  • You have to pay for emoticons that are otherwise not free.

KaKaoTalk 180x3001 KaKaoTalk   Pros and ConsKaKaoStory 

The KaKaoTalk app comes with addons which can be separately downloaded in the Play Store, as an addon to KaKaoTalk. The way it works is similar to Facebook rather with images instead. Perhaps, more similar to Instagram. – As a person who has never used Instagram, I don’t know.

You, essentially, post picture updates (as opposed to text updates with Facebook) and people can view, comment and rate the pictures with their different options set. You’ll also be able to use filters that change the look of the pictures, – similar to Instagram’s system.


I use this application to chat with my girlfriend every night, and I’ve been using it to speak & message to her for over 1 and a half years. I’ve never had any issues with it, other than when they have had server issues which has made the app unusable. However, other than that, it works well. The call quality is decent as long as you have a decent 3G or WiFi connection and its user interface is simple and non-technical.

Author: Jonathan Jones

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