Top 4 beauty apps for your smartphone

beautyapps Top 4 beauty apps for your smartphone

A girl can come across a fashion emergency at any point. It’s a good thing that technology nowadays is empathetic and facilitating the dames in distress in the form of beauty apps. No longer should you rely on a stylist or a flaky friend when you can dive into the sea of apps and leave your worries behind. Not only are these must have apps easy to download but are free of cost as well. So let’s see what is in store for a diva called you!


Bored of your safe and stale makeup techniques? Want to try out a refreshing new look? By using this amazing Beautylish app, discover all the vital makeup tips, watch photos and tutorials and even purchase marvelous products, to enhance your outlook. Not only do you get to explore variations to the magical world of makeup sorcery but you can instantly purchase a beauty product conveniently.

Why it’s hot:

Get inspired by taking tips from beauty snaps that offers volumes of variations in hairstyles, different makeup looks and lets you choose the look that is perfect for you, assorted nail designs, bridal makeup that look great, the options are endless! Not just that but easy breezy tutorials are available for you. These tutorials are user friendly and cover all the basic steps required in learning about latest hairstyles. Experts are available to assist you, guiding you through different forums. A number of beauty tips will be in store as you inquire about your makeup, nails, skin care and hair woes from their makeup and beauty community. Apart from these, they keep detailed editorial reviews, latest trends, new releases, in depth information about skin care, valuable beauty must buys that will help you in shopping from some of the prestigious and leading stores like Sephora and ULTA. The coolest feature about this app is the filter option. Filter your favorite brands and see photos, tutorials and cosmetic reviews.  Set your personal profile and preferences, upload and share conveniently your favorite products and stay updated.

Beauty Bible

Nuts about natural beauty? Beauty Bible is an amazing application to answer all the questions that can spring up your head regarding what’s in store to enhance your natural advantages. Also a plus is that it will guide you in knowing everything about various styles, get ups and different looks. Use this application and watch everyone saying “Hey! You look gorgeous”. Here’s why we recommend this for you..

Why it’s hot:

In this amazing application you can choose from more than 500 photos of hairstyles. Whatever the occasion may be, it has plenty of pictures that will guide you in selecting appropriate nails and eye-catching hairstyles. By watching video tutorials you will be able to distinguish between various hairstyles that best suits you. Furthermore helpful tips are available all the time! Tips regarding how to make your hair silky and shiny and how to apply shampoo is an added bonus.  Select from more than 400 video tutorials in knowing how to create beautiful hairdos fit for any occasion, whether your hair are short, medium or long, learn how to dye your hair on your own!. No more money to be spent on visiting a professional hairdresser and you can rely on yourself all the more!  Manicure is something you can easily perform at the comfort of your home. Watch photos and read tips on fashionable nail art, French manicure, gel and acrylic nails. So get going! Watch videos and photos and apply your makeup like a pro!


The purpose behind Stylebook is to help you in style your own look. This encourages you to be your own stylist and offers various ideas to personalize your own outfit having over 90 features which are all wonderful. Some of the features are given below:

Why it’s hot:

Make Layers and resize your selected fashion item. It has an amazing free-form canvas that will assist you in creating your favorite outfits and you can now add as many clothes as you like with manual resizing. You may now even keep a history log of clothes you wore on different occasions. Remove unwanted outfits and backgrounds by tapping, Categorize outfits quickly and smoothly with the help of commands like add, edit and delete. Double tap “Shop This” and directly go to a retailers website. Over 7000 retailers are available for you to shop with the help of keyword searching. Sharing is easy and fast as e-mail, also facebook, twitter and tumblr are at your disposal so you can send multiple items of your choice. A calendar is also available for you so you may decide in advance about what you want to wear in the upcoming events. Protect your data by making backups through iCloud utility.

IT Girl: Beauty Salon – Makeup

This amazing app called IT Girl: Beauty Salon is designed keeping in view the most time-consuming task, which is how to apply makeup. As there are a number of occasions where you aim to ace your makeup and work towards perfection, finally here are some of the tutorials that you can use to your benefit.

Why it’s hot:

Basics: It covers all the necessary information regarding make-up and beauty tips for the beginners so that you may feel right at ease getting to know the standard do’s and don’ts of the art of applying makeup. The later stages teach you how to apply the right look for formal events like a day Wedding or a dark and promiscuous look for your Prom Night. Along with that it is stocked up with a number of tutorials and ideas on Bridal makeup so that you can create chic and stylish looks.

An added bonus is the app sports event based tutorials that teach you on look to wear in accordance to the event requirements.

There’s a little bit of everything and why should the ever interested teens be left behind. Here are a few tips and guidelines on how much amount of makeup to apply that gives you your desired look.

This application is a must for every girl. By daily using this application, you will save your precious time and also see improvement in your day-to-day makeup routines. Just follow the instruction given and you will have a fresh look on your face. The IT Girl: Beauty Salon – Makeup is a free application and far better than other make-up games.

Verdict: These apps are a must if you want your transformation from Cinderella to a Barbie doll princess. Download them today and wow them all!

Author: Selena Mitchell

Selena Mitchell is a mobile & iPhone application developer at SocialCubix. She develops iPhone, Facebook, Mobile and Android Applications and maintains relations with industry influencers.

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  1. My vote goes to the Beauty Bible..They have such a huge collection of hairstyles,makeup tips etc…They also suggest you a best hairstyle according to your face cut..

    • Thank you Kadi for your comment. Yes you’re right, they offers variety of services in all beauty aspects.