6 Tips for Effective Tech Blogging

This is a guest post by Selena Mitchell who works as a smartphone developer. In this article she gives her views on what tech blogs can do to improve their online content and reach.

techblogging 6 Tips for Effective Tech Blogging

Working for an app development company, tech blogging was a first time experience for me. Surrounded by tech snots, developers and designers I felt like a pre-schooler seated in an IT lecture. Many a times, I’d find them talking like the star cast of Matrix, speaking a language where I’d often reply back with “Take me to your leader”- and after a few blank looks, they’d point me towards our boss’s door.

So yeah, the field was new and looked encrypted but thanks to a few helpful pointers from a colleague here’s what can make your tech blogging effective and make it blog stand out in no time.

1. Google up techno babble

Yes, all these buzzwords and techno speaking may sound intimidating but Google really does help simplify your job instantly. Even when you feel unable to catch up with the techno jargon, the only best thing you can do is to make best friends with Google and ask the engine at least 6 queries before lunch.

2. Read… a lot

When you kick start your career as a tech blogger, the only best advice which can miraculously improve your writing is by reading. Just when you think you have read enough for the day, read some more. What’s most important is to stay focused and make your techno cramming on the regular. Stay updated with trends, new gadgets, latest operating versions and with that entire daily dose of tech- knowledge you`d be itching to show off. Here are some of the publications you should be reading daily:

TechCruch, Mashables, the Next Web, the Guardian Technology etc.

3. Look up other tech bloggers and reference them:

When you read up on other bloggers, not only do you understand what they’re doing right but you can always link them up as well and their related topics in your own posts.  When you reference back to them, chances could be they may just link you back and your blog can surface with ease by simply building your virtual connections online, that being essential for any successful blogger.

4. Have a Voice

Since blog writing is slightly informal, you can throw in your insight, opinions and garnish it with your wit and charm. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show through your blogs. Your quirky style or dark humor can only entertain your reader so don’t make your blogs a drag, lifeless or robotic. Slight interactivity thrown in with useful information kept at a balance should do the trick.

5. Make your blogs useful

Other than blogging on the regular, make sure the information you provide is useful, authentic and comes from a direct experience/source. Want to review an app? Download it first: See it’s usability and write with experience and authentic knowledge. If you are simply skimming information off the web, the reader can notice your research was useless and your writing style will be noticeably stilted. If your blog is stocked up with sought after-information that techies crave for, chances will be high they will start following your blog on the regular, even if it lacks charm and luster.

6. Stay focused

If you are working towards writing a technical blog then you need to narrow your subject and decide on a focus. Bring some credibility to it by interacting with people dealing with your chosen subject. If you are writing a blog on design apps, feel free to talk to some designers, note their reviews on an app, their opinions would hold more weight to what may appear appealing to you instead. Listen to them intently and make points. Do the same with developers, even if they look like zombies to you, they won’t bite. Not all of them at least.

Author: Selena Mitchell

Selena Mitchell is a mobile & iPhone application developer at SocialCubix. She develops iPhone, Facebook, Mobile and Android Applications and maintains relations with industry influencers.

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