Do .pdf files pass link equity to links within PDFs?

DFDFollowLinks Do .pdf files pass link equity to links within PDFs? I’ve read many articles on this subject to get to the definitive source for this question and I can now say that Google does pass link equity to links within PDF files. From the off start I’ve definitely seen .pdf files in search results and they definitely do obtain PageRank. Here’s a neat example of a .pdf that has a PageRank of 2. For me this is something new as I’ve never really dealt with .PDF files before and it’s potentially something that I should be suggesting at work or something that can be used to optimise eBooks that use the .pdf extension.

Back to the original subject! Do links within .pdf files obtain any link equity/juice?


If we look at this document:

Search Appliance > Documentation > Admin Crawl > Introduction

Search for “.pdf”.

You’ll find the following piece of text:

The search appliance crawler only follows HTML links in the following format:

 <a href="/page2.html">link to page 2</a>

It follows HTML links in PDF files, Word documents, and Shockwave documents. The search appliance crawler does not follow HTML links embedded in Javascript code.

This leads me to believe that links do get a bit of lovin’ inside .pdf files – so as long as they are formatted in HTML format, as seen like the above.

Do Google index & pass link equity to links within .pdf files?:

Yes. They do.


Author: Jonathan Jones

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