Blogger Outreach is like Online Dating

Well, it’s more like match making. If your degree is in creative writing then you’re likely going to be attracted to someone that likes reading, writing and doing creative things. You aren’t likely to fall for someone who is the exact opposite and doesn’t like all these things. It’s not natural and this is what Google looks at and applies weight to. If your client is, for example, in the fashion industry then you’ll want to connect with bloggers in the fashion niche, and not blogs about car finance, insurance or a plethora of other niches. Not only will you be connecting directly to your audience, but you’ll be doing something that actually make sense. It’s a no-brainer.

MajesticSEO & Dixon Jones @ BrightonSEO

Last week I attended an SEO event in the UK called BrightonSEO, a yearly event that is hosted in the lovely beach town of Brighton. Dixon Jones from MajesticSEO presented with a presentation entitled “Do links still matter in 2014?” It was an excellent presentation backed with data and a new MajesticSEO feature that categorises websites’ backlink profiles. For example, if we look at Toyota UK’s website purely based on backlinks you’ll find that its ‘topical trust flow‘ is mostly based around websites about “Recreation/Autos”. I believe this essentially means that Toyota’s main pool of backlinks is sourced from motor enthusiasts or many of the popular motor advice forums that exist out there.

MajesticSEOTOYOTA Blogger Outreach is like Online Dating

This tool essentially allows you to see what this site is about — based purely on links. It doesn’t look at the website, but the links associated with that website. This paints a picture as to what Google’s spiders can be seeing when they go through the indexation process. So if Google knows what sort of sites are linking to Toyota then why wouldn’t they use this as a factor in ranking a website for motor related terms? Why would Google rank your website higher for a motor related term when the site linking to you isn’t about cars/motors? I feel it’s all about relevancy and this will prove vital for many websites in the future. It’s essentially why you should be targeting websites that are actually related to your website; and don’t ever forget the quality of that website or the links even pointing to that website; are they relevant? I mean, you wouldn’t date someone who is interested in American football, when you are interested in (rest of the world) football? Or would you. 🙂

Do links really matter anymore in 2014?

In my notes during Dixon Jones’ speech I wrote down that Dixon said the following about links:

  • ‘Of course links still matter’
  • ‘Relevancy is key’
  • Something about context being essential

He brought up the fact that Google have tried to produce a search engine that doesn’t factor links as part of their algorithm, and “it just doesn’t work!” Otherwise, Google would not be so reliant on links and they wouldn’t be publicly penalising link networks if this wasn’t an issue for them. However, he did bring up Yandex, and that they don’t factor links as part of their algorithm. But stated for Google that it is different as these links simply work in providing the relevant context for a website for Google’s search results to be of the quality that they are.

What do you think?

Author: Jonathan Jones

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