The Simplicity of Video SEO

I’ve been toying around with ‘Video SEO’ from the start of December and I’ve been testing to see if I could get my pages to rank and come up the massive imagery that appears in the search results along with your listing. This is of course supposed to increase your click-through rates (CTR), but unfortunately for this test the keyword that I’m trying to rank for is full of YouTube video pages that also have the ‘video rich snippet’ next to their listings. Take a look:

Video of the Leopard 2A4 Google Search2 The Simplicity of Video SEO

I’m not complaining. It would seem natural for YouTube to rank for these keywords anyway, and of course the page that I’ve created for this also has a YouTube video embedded on it. I’m still listed on the second page with the ‘video rich snippet’ that I’ve been babbling on about, and you can see this here:

Video of the Leopard 2A4 Google Search The Simplicity of Video SEO

You can also see that it links to my Google+ account, as I also have authorship implemented on that page, which is pretty cool.


I tried testing this on my personal blog, with a different method or the more correct approach to video rich snippets (or so I thought).


On one of my websites I tested the video rich snippet feature without using the markup. Instead I downloaded a WordPress video embed plugin (no involved here) and simply attached an image to the page, so Google could put 2 + 2 together. That’s the website that I explained about above. And my personal blog which I tested the video rich snippet on using markup still doesn’t appear to have any ‘video rich snippets’, nor is the god damn authorship picture showing up (that’s a different issue altogether). Here is how it looks in the SERP:

What The Piccadilly Line looked like last night The Simplicity of Video SEO

There’s obviously something that I’m doing wrong here. I’ll be doing further tests to see whether or not I can get the video rich snippet alongside my listing for my personal blog. For now, I’m pretty happy that it’s worked on my military website. That’s just … awesome.


It seems that there is no sure way optimise a page with the ‘video rich snippets’, as I’ve come across others having the same results. It just seems to come to down to luck more than anything that you tick all of Google’s algorithmic factors. I could of course be entirely wrong, and perhaps my implementation on my personal blog was a bit too funky for Google. Further tests shall see if this indeed the case. 😉

Author: Jonathan Jones

I first first started creating websites back in 2005. This led me to creating a free web hosting business in 2007, which still exists today. I ventured into creating types of websites such as blogs and forums using Wordpress, vBulletin, Invision Power Board, Drupal and Joomla. I've since worked on some of the leading brands in the UK finance sector, in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) field, and now work for MoneySuperMarket, the #1 price comparison website in the UK. Social: Google+ and Twitter.

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