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Today I created the 100th article on my military based website over at In January of this year (2011) I promised myself or made a goal to reach 100 articles on my armored vehicle website before the end of this year. I still have roughly 2 months left before the year ends which gives me enough time to create more quality articles for the web to see! 🙂 My most recent article is on the situation unfolding in Syria at the moment. Mostly I have included my opinion on the situation over there. (Syria the next Libya?) Dependent on how the situation develops over there will sway my opinion on the next article I write. However I firmly believe the west should do the same to Syria as was done in Libya.


I doubt Russia is going to do much or China. Their voices have long be drowned out of the world stage. The west has more power I'm afraid even though it may seem to be moving towards China. Although I of course want peace in the world,  I don't want to look back in history and see the killings that happened in Syria and lecture people and say "The world stood by and did nothing…"! I mean look what happened in Libya. As soon as Col. Gaddafi was overthrown who came running to the NTC? China and Russia. Yet they opposed or abstained from the UN vote to intervene. The same will happen with Syria. The question remains whether it is viable to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad with his 300,000 strong army. The base of operations would likely have to occur in Turkey, however would they agree to that? 


However it seems the world is coming to the stage where mass atrocities that take place are not dealt with anymore. I seriously do not want to see another Darfur where the world stood by and did nothing as 300,000 people were slaughtered and 2 million displaced. That is not the world we should live in. I also must reiterate that if an atrocity is taking place and we can definitively do something about it which in the long term will benefit the people, action should be taken. Although I know some will say it is frivolous to compare Darfur to Syria, it is the same thing. It is the systematic killing of innocents  but done on a smaller scale. But who really knows the real figures on the deaths that occured in Syria? The Syrian government banned all foreign media, so there really is not middle perspective on the ground at the moment. 


ar Target reached



Now it is time to do some press-ups. 😛

Author: Jonathan Jones

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