Holy batman: Apple now worth $469 billion

From a company which went from being worth peanuts to being now one of the largest companies in the world. A legacy built upon advancements in technology which has involved design, touch screen functionality, innovative ideas, new smaller processing capabilities etc.

To put this into perspective, Microsoft is worth $255.01 billion, while Google is worth around $158 billion as of 2012’s latest figures – a combined total of $413 billion, while the worth of Apple Inc is valued at $469 billion, blowing its competitors out of the water.

I remember in 2009, Microsoft being a much larger company than Apple Inc, however I would have never have thought that Apple could have surpassed Microsoft, Google or any of the other big players. To me, it looked as if Apple Inc was the underdog, now it is the top dog in the technology industry.

There are people who literally paid peanuts for Apple stock,  which are now worth $500 per share, the same price as a basic iPad.

Author: Jonathan Jones

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