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There are a few plugins that will help you to integrate related posts into your blog. These are good because they show the readers what other posts you have written, and are very good for keeping people on your website. If you can keep people on your website and looking at your blog posts then they are more likely to gain a liking for your website and want to return at a later date. You may even convince them to sign up for your RSS feed so that they become fond weekly readers. Here are a few you may like to try.

Related Posts by Category

This is a tool that allows you to link your posts by what other posts are in the same category. In this way it automates the process and is only as successful as your categorizing skills. For example, if you are putting unrelated nonsense into your categories, then unrelated nonsense is all that is going to appear in your related content/ suggestion section. If you are very conscientious about your categories then a reasonably good range should appear in your suggested content/related content section.


This is a plugin that will add a social bookmarking menu to your posts. It may also add a related content widget to your blog post, its pages, its index, or all of them. There are at least two million people who have tried this plugin so it must have something going for it.

Related Links

You may use this plugin to manually link up your posts in a very easy-to-do and simple manner if you wish. You can link up your posts in a way that makes jumping from one to the other a step of intuition. You can link to pages if you want, or you can link to certain posts. It means you are able to link one or two to your categories, and then add a few other links to specific posts. You can use custom URLs, and you can even pick external pages to link to too.

Related Posts for WordPress

Use this plugin to manually select your posts that you want displaying as recommended/suggested or related content. You can use the widget or you can use the shortcode.

Related Posts by Zemanta

This is one of those plugins that also works on their own network. You can suggest posts on your blog and on their Zemanta’s websites. You have to hand pick the ones that you want to use on their websites. As a standalone suggestion tool it is not too bad.

ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget

With this plugin you may link to related posts or link to related categories. You can put your related links at the bottom of each post so that when people have finished reading they can see what else you have to offer that may interest them. Failing that you may put your suggested content on the sidebar as a drop-down widget. This may be better for your blog design, and is handy if people do not finish reading your blog post. Having the suggestions at the bottom of the post does presuppose that people read all the way to the bottom. At least if it is on the sidebar then there is a chance they may try another post before leaving.

nrelate Related Content

This gives you the means to display related and suggested content on your blog. It also includes thumbnails and text which is a much overlooked benefit, especially when held against the blog post suggestions that do not come with a thumbnail. Adding links to things with images and then text underneath is a great trend that is only just coming into its own. You can use the tool to create shortcuts automatically and it allows you to add related content to your websites/posts with shortcode and with a widget. You simply place the widget on your theme and your suggestions appear at that location on your blog post.

Manual Related Posts

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to set your post suggestions manually. You can choose which suggestions are going to be at the bottom of your blog post and you are not restricted to using the pages and posts of your own blog, although it is a good idea. Like some of the other tools on this list you are able to set your suggestions manually so that you may choose which posts are the most relevant and related to the one the reader is looking at.

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