Can I rank for the term [Jonathan Jones]?

So just last week, I created a vCard website, which also has a blog on it called Mr Jonathan Jones.

Why did I create this website?

Well, first of all, I’m looking to up my game on freelance & consultancy. Having a memorable domain and more professional named service is something I’ve struggled with, with this domain name and others that I own. It’s quite easy for me to say, go to ‘’ if I’m at a conference, and that can be easily remembered given it is also my name, so will come up often when speaking to potential clients/contacts. I can also use the website as a point of reference in the future if I decide to do any presentations at any sort of conference and try and earn recognition within the industry that way as well.

I eventually want to develop this out a bit more (freelancing) and now that I have my own office, I can do this with more comfort, let’s just say. You can see a picture of my home office below:

home office picture mr jonathan jones Can I rank for the term [Jonathan Jones]?

I want to rank for my own name

The second reason why I’ve created is because I want to rank for my own name. My ambition is at some point in the future, I’ll be able to either Google ‘Mr Jonathan Jones’ or ‘Jonathan Jones’ and my website will appear. That’d be impressive in my honest opinion. However, I do have some competition – the likes of a Guardian journalist who shares my common name. Using, ‘’, I can see that my surname is the 5th most popular in the US, and my first name being the 119th most popular, so a good indicative guide as to how popular/common my name is. You can see from the search results below that the journalist appears to dominate, but also there is someone who works for the Civil Service, and they have their own page on a government domain – so tough competition!

MrJonathanJones Can I rank for the term [Jonathan Jones]?

I am looking to consolidate my blogging effort to Mr Jonathan Jones

I have about 3 blogs, and I’ve got to that point where I no longer have time to update any of them. If I can consolidate, then it’d give me more time, as well as an extra push to update my blogs more frequently.

I’m off to a very good start with Mr Jonathan Jones, as I’ve gone somewhat viral with a post I published on Twitter last week on Thursday around a Google Data Studio template I created that anyone can use – which sort of aides and replaces the new Google Search Console, Search Analytics report:

It has managed to get 393 likes, 135 retweets, 13 comments, 37k impressions, 2,435 engagements and also Dawn Anderson shared a post about the Google Data Studio template on Linkedin.

I’m so happy with the way that has gone down, as I was literally not expecting it to get shared that much and for most of the SEO industry names to see my name associated with that was quite a good feeling. So I want to do more of this type of blogging. As I’ve been called a Google Data Studio wizard in the past, I’ll look to focus on that niche as I know Google Data Studio back to front these days, as I’ve spent countless hours, days, weeks and months creating some awesome looking reports that give quick insight. I even use it to automate a lot of my work at MoneySuperMarket.

To end…

There are 40,000 people per month searching for the term [jonathan jones] and it’s likely that most of them are searching for the journalist – rather than myself (one can wish). So it’s likely I won’t ever get to the top positions there for that search term, but I’d like to think that I can get close. We’ll see. I’ll be posting updates. I’m using a keyword tracking tool to post progress, so I’ll be able to share that once or even if I see any sort of progress on that front.

Author: Jonathan Jones

I first first started creating websites back in 2005. This led me to creating a free web hosting business in 2007, which still exists today. I ventured into creating types of websites such as blogs and forums using Wordpress, vBulletin, Invision Power Board, Drupal and Joomla. I've since worked on some of the leading brands in the UK finance sector, in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) field, and now work for MoneySuperMarket, the #1 price comparison website in the UK. Social: Google+ and Twitter.

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